Watch You're Next Online home-invasion subgenre in a lot of ways,'' says Wingard. "We knew the things that were repetitive. That was where the genre was when we picked this one up. It was really important to us that we come up with a concrete reason why this is happening. Adds Barrett: How do we avoid what those movies have been doing for the last 10 years? Having all the characters have clear, thought-based motivations was a huge step in the right direction."

That push to turn horror tropes on their ripped-off ear is a welcome, says Steve Barton of the horror

"Horror movies have the widest range of any genre out there. The community that loves them is willing to accept everything that's thrown at them as long as it's good," he says. "You're Next is one of those rare flicks that manages to push all of the right buttons. People will be talking about it for some time to come, and it will take its place amongst the classics."

Made for under $1 million, You're Next premiered two years ago at the Toronto International Film Festival, but got lost in the shuffle when its distributing studio Lionsgate purchased Summit Entertainment in January 2012.

And then this June, the similarly themed The Purge โ€” also with masked home invaders up to no good โ€” opened to surprisingly strong numbers, more than tripling its production budget with a $36.4 million opening weekend.

Barrett, who also plays the bad guy in a tiger mask, finds You're Next to be very different from The Purge, which was ultimately "a dystopian science-fiction film," he says. "Hopefully, people will see that and have their appetite whetted for a horror film that does something different."

Wingard sees the success of The Purge and other recent horror films like The Conjuring as a positive overall.

"It is an interesting time for horror. It feels like there's something in the air right now," he says. "Audiences hopefully are ready to see an Aussie bash some brains in."

Vinson laughs. "Who isn't ready for that?!"