{FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D Once again we were treated to the witty, perceptive and beautifully written dialogue we’ve become so accustomed to, alongside some of the most naked people on TV, Spartacus notwithstanding. With gems like, “So you fell in love with a serial killer - in this town who hasn’t?” and ‘s fabulous, “Maybe I wear too much pink,” we are most definitely back in Bon Temps, and it’s glorious.

{FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D So much awaits us on this year’s trip and Bad was just for starters. Clearly, it’s going to be an interesting year in Louisiana.

Welcome, viewers, to our recap of the first of three of ! Where “conscience off, dick on” might as well be your viewing instructions. (Unless you don’t have a dick, of course. Or a conscience.)

{FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D When we last left our gang of intrepid hot people, killed Maryann (finally) and drank some of ’s in the process, broke up with and started eating truckers, tricked into sucking his and then spent the rest of the standing around being attractive, shot Eggs (finally!) and cried a lot, and got kidnapped shortly after proposing to Sookie. Also, there’s some business with the Queen of Louisiana trying to make deal V, but that’s plot and honestly, I don’t know many people who this show for the plot.


{FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D Someone on the writing staff must have realized that really didn’t have anything to do last , because he’s been the center of all the action so far. He’s also been surprisingly bad, quickly escaping his kidnappers, feeding off an old lady while remaining a Southern gentleman, and even getting into a werewolf fight scene! (though we don’t get to see that until next week.) After the show literally had nothing for to do last other than argue with Lorena, I began to wonder whether he would be written off. Which would be terrible, because ‘s bowl cut and “Southern” accent are the largest source of unintentional humor on the show. Fortunately the issue seems less with as a character, and more with giving him something interesting {FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D to do. ’s perpetual scowl makes more sense when he’s in actually dangerous situations, and his unflappable Southern gentleman attitude is more interesting when he’s politely feeding off old women or coldly informing his kidnappers of his impending death. From this , at least, it seems like the writers have finally got a handle on , and I think it may require keeping him away from Sookie.

{FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D , on the other hand, remains a tertiary character on her own show. She spends the entire night wandering from reoccurring character to reoccurring character, asking about . It’s mostly just done to reintroduce the cast, and to set up a situation where inevitably has to go to for help. There’s a decent scene between and the where he refuses to look for while there’s a murder investigation going on. The whole “vampire racism” metaphor the show likes to use is not always appropriate because it forgets that vampires are actually dangerous, and being afraid of {FreeHD} Watch Turbo Online Free Download 3D that’s a deadly predator is more common sense more than prejudice. But it works pretty well here since is clearly in danger that the police are ignoring because they prioritize human life. Its easy to see where the is coming from, but he’s still in the wrong. Sookie’s heavy-handed lecturing at him about respecting his elders was really silly though. She gets into these arguments a lot, shouldn’t she be better at it by now?