{FreeHD} Watch The Wolverine Online Free Download Sadly for , guilt can do funny things to a man. His dick is most definitely not ‘on’, much to the disappointment of his companion, and surely, Bon Temps tourism industry. Riding seems to be on the list of things not to be missed on a visit down south.

It’s actually double disappointment for the girls. was originally part of the deal, but his tentative reconciliation with Jess is on hold for the time being and he doesn’t have eyes for anyone else, despite the bad new haircut.

{FreeHD} Watch The Wolverine Online Free Download Jess, though, has eyes all over the place. Having brought the redneck from the bar home for a midnight snack, upon finding ‘s flowers, she has an attack of the guilts and tries to revive him, unsuccessfully. It doesn’t help that she’s interrupted by Sookie, who, after explaining that can command any vamp he’s sired, asks if she’s heard from him. Unaware that she had, they slowly put two and two together and decide to look for ‘s last location.


{FreeHD} Watch The Wolverine Online Free Download Having stuffed the redneck under the floorboards, Jess is free to come along for the drive, and they find the car wreckage that left behind, complete with corpse, but the vamp himself is long gone.

{FreeHD} Watch The Wolverine Online Free Download After re-appearing from his makeshift grave, wanders to the nearest house, where he feeds on an unsuspecting old lady, before repaying her with some sorely needed cash and an implanted memory of a better son than the one she has. During the brief exchange, learns that he’s stranded in Mississippi, something that alarms him. Very little alarms , and when he’s accosted by a group of hungry, apparently English-speaking wolves, it’s clear why he was so alarmed.

{FreeHD} Watch The Wolverine Online Free Download All of which brings us to , driving cross-country on a quest to find his biological family, which, erotic vamp/shower-centric dreams aside, he does with relative ease, but has yet to build up the courage to properly introduce himself. Except of course, to his younger brother, Tommy, who unwittingly leads the shape-shifting bartender to the family home.


Can all the rumours about the MInchins being a bad lot be ? So far, it’s not looking too good for . Or anyone for that matter…

{FreeHD} Watch The Wolverine Online Free Download So, three has kicked off, and what a way to kick it off! Gloriously naked Scandinavians aside, Bad packed in more stuff than should feasibly be allowed in a premiere, but dense storylines are just one of the many plus points in . From ‘s complete breakdown over Eggs’ death to Jess’ complete turnaround thanks to ‘s flowers, ‘s sudden and hilarious lust for , to Queenies thinly veiled threats to and ‘s pregnancy, Bad did not disappoint. A tad on the bleak side, maybe, but since when did Bon Temps do happy?