Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Online The word ‘flop’ is overused in movie reporting parlance, but it’s hard to think of another one to use when chatting about R.I.P.D. Starring Ryan Reynolds and the mighty Jeff Bridges, the movie cost Universal around $130m, but it’s only just scraped over $30m at the US box office. Its current worldwide total is $56m, and the UK release has now been put back a further month, to the end of September. It’s a project that’s going to leave a sizeable dent in Universal’s accounts, although given the summer the studio has enjoyed, it can absorb it.

Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Online I’m not really one for zombie movies. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the social critique of Night Of The Living Dead. I admire the gorgeous and spooky world of The Serpent And The Rainbow. And I laughed along with everyone else at Shaun Of The Dead. But as a genre? They’re not really for me.

Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Online I love 28 Days Later, however (appreciating there’s debate over whether it can be classed as a zombie movie or not). I’m not going to pretend that part of it isn’t due to Cillian Murphy and Christopher Eccleston, two of my favorite actors. Both did an excellent job on the film. And yes, as an action flick fan, I liked the explosions, fast-moving ‘zombies’, and the scenes of a devastated London.

Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Online what really makes the film for me is something that appeared to be virtually ignored by a lot of the reviewers. It’s sometimes dealt with in passing by other apocalyptic films, but Danny Boyle actually highlighted it: the special dangers women would face in such a world and, as we can now see by reading news stories online, which they currently face in our own.

Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Online of these films will include an obligatory scene in which a female character (sometimes the heroine, but it rarely matters) is nearly raped by one out-of-control male in order to be saved by another, thus exhibiting the moral and physical superiority of our hero and savior over all the other men around him.

Watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Online while this does, in fact, happen in 28 Days Later, the difference is the out-of-control rapist is neither out-of-control, nor a rapist. And the fact that he’s neither makes him all the more terrifying.