Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online Its gross to date of $300m worldwide reflects that: enough for a profit, enough to keep the standalone Wolverine franchise motoring, but still suggesting an injection of something somewhere along the line wouldn’t hurt. As it stands, Fox has got another X-Men movie out of the door, but not a great one.

Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online Tom Cruise films don’t, as a rule, do massive numbers in the US any more. The last time he had a non-sequel movie cross $100m at the American box office was back in 2005, with War Of The Worlds. But Oblivion, the first blockbuster of 2013, was a solid performer. It took in $286m worldwide, and if you can look past just how derivative the movie is, it’s a film that’s beautiful to look at, and offers some solid big screen science fiction.

Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online It’s the gross outside of America that’s responsible for around two thirds of Oblivion’s business, and there’s proof that - on non-US shores - Tom Cruise’s pulling power is still better than you might think.

Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online A film that’s just about made enough now to be listed in this category. Guillermo del Toro’s return to blockbuster filmmaking won critics over, and we’re big fans of it. But it’s only just going to get over $100m in the US. It lost, depressingly, a head to head with Grown Ups 2. Fortunately, its box office takings elsewhere in the world have helped. The movie has taken nearly a quarter of a billon dollars outside of the US, and it should end up with in the region of Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online $400m in takings. That’ll double the production budget, and Warner Bros will be confident of a good performance on home formats. Still, the mooted sequel doesn’t look too likely right now.

Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online The big breakout hit of the summer? That’d be the one that wasn’t a sequel, wasn’t programmed at the usual time for its genre (horror), and the one that gathered up some of the best reviews of the year. James Wan - who has Insidious: Chapter 2 ready, and is now working on Fast & Furious 7 - has directed another tidy, effective chiller, one that’s gone on to be one of the most profitable films of the summer.

Download Jobs Movie | Watch Jobs Online Costing around $20m to make, The Conjuring has spooked up $120m in the US, and nearly $50m elsewhere. By the time its run is done, it’ll have edged closer to $200m, and a sequel is on the way.