Watch Elysium Online Free & Download Movie A quiet disappointment for Sony. With Olympus Has Fallen having stolen most of its thunder, Roland Emmerich’s White House under siege movie had its fans, but not a particularly sizeable audience. It was no cheap undertaking, either. Costing around $150m to make, before marketing and distribution, the film grossed a disappointing $71m in the US, although its continuing its global rollout now (it makes it to the UK in September). Olympus Has Fallen made more, and was a more economical movie.

Watch Elysium Online Free & Download Movie For Roland Emmerich, greater riches presumably await with 2015’s Independence Day 2, though…

Watch Elysium Online Free & Download Movie Bruce Willis has come in for a lot of criticism this year, not helped by a really shitty Die Hard sequel back in February. RED 2 wasn’t a great deal better, then there’s been a series of PR oddities, and the news that he wasn’t returning for The Expendables 3. Criticising Willis heavily does overlook the fact that he’s constantly supported interesting directors over the past decade or two, but then when he sleepwalks through something like RED 2, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy. And sleepwalk he does, as part of a decent ensemble, that doesn’t recapture the sleeper success of the first film. RED 2 hasn’t broken $100m at cinemas worldwide yet, and barring some home release miracle, it’ll mark the end of the franchise. It should do, anyway.

Watch Elysium Online Free & Download Movie We’ve talked about this one extensively already, here. But there’s little getting away from the fact that The Lone Ranger is the movie that every studio - apart from Disney - is glad it didn’t make. Costing well over $200m just for the negative, the film has been responsible for a nine figure write off on Disney’s books this year, and it’s called into question the power of the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster machine.

Watch Elysium Online Free & Download Movie A pity. The Lone Ranger has problems that you could fill a website by listing, but you can’t accuse it of lacking ambition. It was heavily hurt by opening opposite Despicable Me 2, but it’s also the architect of some of its own problems. Tonally troubling for a family movie, it was always a high risk movie. But the thud with which it landed suggests that the big budget, big screen western is a thing of the past for a while now.