Watch Austenland Online Free & Download Movie A sequel’s on the way too to director Louis Letterier’s magician crime caper Now You See Me. Notwithstanding a plot with more leaks than a sieve full of authentic leek and potato soup, the light, breezy tone of the film found favour with audiences surrounded by louder, brasher fare. As such Now You See Me conjured up around quarter of a billion dollars in worldwide business, and Lionsgate has already confirms that it intends to pursue a sequel.

Watch Austenland Online Free & Download Movie programming by Warner Bros, this. When the studio moved The Great Gatsby away from its Christmas 2012 release - out of the glare of Les Miserables - it was assumed there was a problem with the film. Was the studio running scared? Nope, it was finding Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby a better slot in the schedule. As a consequence of this, the movie outgrossed the likes of The Hangover Part III, The Wolverine, Epic and more at the US box office. Furthermore, the film found success outside of the US too, and with a May release date, The Great Gatsby has grossed $330m. That’s hugely impressive, and signs of an intelligent gamble paying off.

Watch Austenland Online Free & Download Movie not just Warner Bros that’s been savvy with its programming. Universal took the small-budgeted The Purge, a grown up thriller with an intriguing premise, and put it out in the middle of a PG-13 infested blockbuster season. The result? A $34m opening weekend in the US, leading into a worldwide gross of just over $80m. That’s not Iron Man 3 numbers, certainly, but it’s a good, solid profitable film for Universal.

Watch Austenland Online Free & Download Movie for the hottest director of comedy movies in Hollywood right now? Then you need to be looking up Freak & Geeks creator Paul Feig, who followed up the smash hit Bridesmaids with another standalone comedy success, The Heat. Pairing Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, The Heat cost under $45m to make, and has broken $200m at the worldwide box office already. It’s not as good as Bridesmaids in truth, but Feig again shows his deft hand for bringing strong comedy performances out of his cast.

Watch Austenland Online Free & Download Movie a summer where comedies have generally disappointed at the US box office, The Heat has proven to be the unlikely victor.

Watch Austenland Online Free & Download Movie Rogen and Evan Goldeberg made their directorial debut with This Is The End, an economical film to make that’s enjoyed good success. Most of its money has come from America, but the $96m it’s taken there tripled the film’s modest budget. It’s not a film that’s travelled well - taking in just $15m outside of America - but it’s still proven to be a profitable venture, and one that’s demonstrated promise for Rogen and Goldberg behind the camera.