Download & Watch Paranoia Online Free Movie Blue Sky Studios is going to find life tougher and tougher outside of its Ice Age movies, and Epic proved that to a point. Beautifully animated, but telling a fairly familiar story, the film cost in the region of $100m to make, and took in $249m worldwide. It’ll continue to generate good returns for Fox on home formats, but it’s nowhere close to being another animated franchise in the same way as those aforementioned Ice Age films.

Download & Watch Paranoia Online Free Movie Many of us had Monsters University pegged as one of the massive blockbusters to beat in 2013. The thing is, commercially at least, someone beat it.

Download & Watch Paranoia Online Free Movie Whilst Pixar’s prequel has done strong numbers, the firm may have had its eye on its second ever $1bn gross (following Toy Story 3). Yet Despicable Me 2 has clearly bitten a chunk out of Monsters University’s audience. It’s still been a big hit, but Monsters University’s final box office total may fall just short of $700m. That’s a good return, just not quite the one many were expecting.

To be fair, the reviews for Monsters University were more good than great. Interestingly, in the aftermath of the film’s release, Pixar confirmed that its priority would be on original films rather than sequels moving forward, and few of us are likely to argue with that.

Download & Watch Paranoia Online Free Movie Even though JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot won sizeable acclaim and proved to be a hit, it might not be quite the box office juggernaut many believed it to be. In fact, when you factor in non-US takings as well, the first G.I. Joe movie took more money for Paramount.

Star Trek Into Darkness? It took slightly more money than the first film, but still stopped at just over $450m (albeit in the midst of a very competitive run of films). Considering that it cost nearly $200m to make, that’s not quite the return Paramount is likely to have yearned for, but it’s a profitable movie - with long term legs - nonetheless. And it’s certainly enough for Paramount to want more, with the next Star Trek big screen adventure likely to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016.

Movie star power had an influence again with The Wolverine, where the magnetism of Hugh Jackman was front and centre with pretty much everything about the movie. Coming off the back of the not well received X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine was a brighter beast than the last standalone adventure, but still one with problems. It certainly felt less an ‘event’ movie than something like Iron Man 3, and for all its qualities, The Wolverine is hardly likely to bother too many people’s top ten lists at the end of the year.