Download & Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler Online Free The only fly in the ointment is that Man Of Steel was a divisive reboot. Unlike Batman Begins, which seemed to win most people over, Man Of Steel’s reviews were mixed, with the last act in particular coming in for heavy criticism. That said, even the harshest of critics seemed to admit that Henry Cavill was a fine Superman, and Warner Bros will now be keen to use Man Of Steel as a catalyst for many more DC movies.

Download & Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler Online Free War Z prevailed over lots of things. It prevailed over the common belief that a movie star’s pulling power wasn’t what it was. It prevailed over the idea that you can’t get a film out of Max Brooks’ source material (although it did take a lot of liberties to do so). And it prevailed over a cloud of internet doom mongering that had engulfed the project for well over a year.

Download & Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler Online Free it’s the box office not the comments sections that ultimately decide a film’s fate, and the former came up with a different conclusion than the latter. Taking nearly $200m in the US alone, with over $300m elsewhere, World War Z is a solid half a billion dollar hit, powered by a movie star and producer in Brad Pitt who worked his socks off to push the film. The bottom line? World War Z 2 is moving into life, and based on the first film, we’d imagine fewer people will be resistant to the idea this time around.

Download & Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler Online Free ‘re going to talk a lot about this film as we go through this piece, as the success of Despicable Me 2, week after week, clearly damaged lots of the family movie competition around it. The film went head to head with The Lone Ranger on the lucrative July 4th weekend in the US, as studio heads got a firm lesson in how minions beat westerns. With $750m in the bank (still less than the last two Ice Age movies, interestingly), Universal has, within two films, got one of the most lucrative animate movie franchises going. Other firms are advised to move their films out of the way of the upcoming The Minions Movie, which is due at the end of the year.

Despicable Me 2 is, incidentally, the biggest grossing blockbuster of the summer in the UK, and the second biggest in the US, behind Iron Man 3. Expect this franchise to run and run for a long time yet…

Download & Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler Online Free ‘ll hate us for saying it, almost as much as we hate ourselves. But if you go back over the past decade or so, the leading man to back if you run a movie studio has consistently been Adam Sandler. His films are relatively cheap to make - Grown Ups 2 was expensive, at $80m (that’s on salaries, rather than anything else of note) - but with just one or two exceptions, they turn a profit. Even the much-maligned Jack & Jill brought in nearly $150m worldwide, and that was low by Sandler’s standards.

Grown Ups 2 showed no sign at all of Sandler fighting against the creative trough he’s found himself in, but it did prove he can still bring home the box office bacon. His first sequel (although it doesn’t feel like it), Grown Ups 2 has taken $123m in the US to date, although like many Sandler comedies, it’s not travelled outside of America too well. Still, Sandler’s US audience alone will be enough to turn in a profit. And don’t rule out Grown Ups 3. Shudder.